DEM Downloader API Access

Elevation Terrain Data and Derivative Products

What’s included:

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) in either HGT Format or DTED (dt1, dt2, dt3) 1-degree Map Tiles in zip Archive.

  • Contour¬† Lines Vector Tiles
  • Hillshade Vector Tiles
  • Hypsography Vector Tiles (GeoNames)

Features Coming Soon:

  • ESRI LERC2 Tiles for ArcGIS GameEngines or ArcGIS Runtime SDK or ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript
  • Quantized Mesh Terrain Tiles for Cesium WebGL and Cesium Game Engines (Unity and Unreal Engine)
  • MapZen Terrarium PNG RGB encoded Elevation Tiles for use in MapBox GL JS and GL Native SDK



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3D Terrain

DTED Elevation

3D Buildings

Coming Soon: 

Quantized Mesh Terrain Tiles

Special Shaded Relief, Slope, Terrain Ruggedness, Ridgelines Vector Tiles, and other Elevation Products