Offline Map Data Generator (Windows Version)

Advanced high-performance apps for downloading map tiles and GeoJSON vector data

Soon will be available on Microsoft Store


Download an Area of Interest selected area by the user, and the data can be downloaded from different sources as Map Tiles

(ESRI MapServer, ESRI ImageServer, OGC WMS, OGC WMTS, XYZ/TMS Tiles) Save as a Folder of XYZ or MBTILES (SQLite Database)

Pre-Staged Data Download

Mapping Services

Geo Request Data Download

Map Tiles Download (Raster Tiles, Vector Tiles, Elevation/Terrain Tiles)

Download Mapping Services as tiles

Download Maps Data from Different Dynamic and Cached ESRI MapServer/MapImage

ESRI ImageServer

Tile Servers (WMTS, XYZ, TMS)


Vector tile PBF Server 

Easily define your Area of Interest in the Map Screen

Map Screen is the first screen on the Application that allows the user to select the area of which he wants to download tiles. a BBOX/Bounds is derived from this extent

GeoRequest Area of Interest (AOI) Data Download

GeoRequest Area of Interest (AOI) API access and Pre-Staged (Ready to Download) Data both require subscriptions


This application is powered by our custom dotnet core console apps. If you are looking for a more automated solution we can sell you the console apps.